High Pressure ST - Valve Test Steam Boiler


High Pressure Steam Boilers for the Valve Testing Market

  • Consistent delivery of high pressure dry steam (1750psi - 2850psi)
  • Quick steaming; cold to full output in less than 5 minutes
  • Compact Footprint for tight installations. Containerized and skid solutions available.
  • Full modulating

Trusted by:

Design and Operation

  • Highest quality materials of construction
  • Extremely safe thanks to its ultra low water content
  • High efficiency, minimum 82% plus with VFD pump and fully modulating burner
  • Flexibility in control platforms. Siemens, ABB, Allen Bradly, Fireye, Honeywell
  • 24/7 Service and Support with full in-stock parts inventory

Case Study:
ECI Portable Boiler Room

Case Overview

Pressure vessel legislation calls for periodic testing of safety relief valves to confirm functionality, operational fitness and leakage rate. The valve testing industry plays a crucial role in assisting Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power Generation, and other industrial operations to remain compliant. A leading valve testing company located in the Midwest required a turn-key solution for their safety relief valve test and certification capabilities. The following is one in a series of similar solutions provided by Thermogenics to the valve testing industry.

Solution Provided

A single 40bhp Thermogenics ST, natural gas fired, fully modulated, Once Through Steam Generator is the solution provided. The engineered room includes a complete feedwater system, chemical injection, softener package, and blowdown tank. The ST boiler is rated at 1,750 psig MAWP, with normal operating pressures up to 1,500 psig. The container is constructed with all interconnected piping and wiring completed in the factory prior to shipment. The solution provides NFPA85 approval as well as FM and UL for the burner management system.


Expected benefits include the following:

  • A containerized solution placed directly upstream from the client’s process allows for rapid transition to valve testing. A factory test fired, ready-to-use, containerized solution requires as little as 24 hours between final connections and full production. A comprehensive drawing package provided in advance allows for effective site preparation.
  • Quick steaming operation provides full output from cold status in less than 5 minutes. When combined with a PLC enhanced operating system, a constant steam supply is available for continuous rather than batch or unitary valve testing.
  • Plant safety is also significantly enhanced with ultra-low water content coil tube boilers. High quality steam is assured - firing rate and pressure control are achieved through pre-programmed, closed loop, control logic.
  • Thermogenics ST boilers are constructed with materials that exceed ASME standards providing a reliable solution with long life expectancy under harsh operating parameters.
  • Full parts, service, and start up support are available through Thermogenics’ boiler service solutions. This builds on a trusted partner relationship established over a long period of time servicing the legacy boiler solution. Less important to both parties is the type of solution or make of boiler in place, more important is maintaining a reliable, effective, component of the client’s overall process.


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