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Thermogenics: Proud partners of Greening Healthcare

Posted by ROSS GARLAND on November 21, 2022

Thermogenics partnered with Greening Healthcare in 2021 to assist the North American healthcare industry in making sustainable boiler related decisions to ensure a lower carbon future. We are thrilled to enter our second year of this partnership.

Thermogenics builds an efficient boiler meaning it is environmentally friendly and burns less carbon fuel. Our boiler design, technology, and industry experience have enabled us to become a respected solutions provider to the healthcare industry. We are continuing to invest in the application of alternate renewable fuels and our low NOx burner solution.

The 2022 Greening Healthcare Forum takes place on December 1st, 2022. This in-person event will bring together hospitals, technical experts, utility companies, government, colleges, and associations to focus on reducing carbon emissions and costs in the healthcare industry. Our very own Paul Ingham, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, of Thermogenics Boilers will speak on a panel about practical pathways to low-carbon operations.

We hope to see you there. To register and for more information, click here.

About Greening Healthcare

Greening Healthcare is a collaboration between 26 healthcare organizations with 55 hospital facilities across Ontario and Alberta. Founded in 2004, the program engages its members in workshops, forums, and webinars and shares resources to provide the knowledge and tools needed to become leaders in energy efficiency. Greening Healthcare is accelerating energy and emissions reductions through:

  • Research, pilot, and cohort projects, bringing together hospitals with technical experts to develop and implement new knowledge and best practices
  • Quantification of savings potential to make the business case for action
  • Best practices guides and checklists to help every hospital identify and evaluate their full range of retrofit and operational improvement opportunities
  • Monitoring monthly savings to verify actual savings made

About the Climate Challenge Network

The non-profit corporation was created in 2019, with a North American mandate to rapidly accelerate greenhouse gas emissions reductions in commercial, institutional, and multi-residential buildings. The organization manages Greening Health Care and other collaborative programs in different building sectors.


Posted by Dean Johnson on October 5, 2022

Dean Johnson has been with Thermogenics for 37 years. During his tenure, he has worked in many departments including stores, service, controls and manufacturing. He traveled to Brazil in 1999 to commission boilers for the Brazilian Navy and has consulted for the Canadian Frigate program. Dean was instrumental in the control advancements of Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) boilers which were used to increase oil production in conventional oil fields in Canada, and across multiple countries in Latin America. In his current role as Technical Services Director, Dean is responsible for the Technical Training curriculum, brand development, sales support, new equipment commissions, and R&D.

Is a Steam Boiler Safe?

When someone asks if a steam boiler is safe, it’s comparable to asking if driving a car is safe. There’s a certain amount of risk involved in both. However, when operated and maintained properly, boilers are every bit as safe, if not more so, than a moving car. Just like a vehicle, certain features in the design of a boiler contribute to its enhanced safety.

At Thermogenics, we correlate the “safeness” of a boiler with its “stored” or “potential” energy output. To do this, we examine the total volume of water in the boiler at any given point in time. The more water contained in a steam boiler, the more the energy must be effectively “managed” by the boiler system. A sudden release of energy from a boiler that is beyond the threshold, while highly rare, has the potential to result in a catastrophic event.

Thermogenics’ Steam Boilers

Thermogenics’ steam boilers are designed and built with this “safety” factor top of mind.

Using forced circulation, our proprietary pumps move water through the Thermogenics’ coiled tubes located within the pressure vessel. The required steam output is achieved rapidly as a smaller volume of water is moved through the combustion heated vessel and converted to steam much faster. The amount of water within the coiled tube boiler at any given point in time is much less than traditional designs used for the same steam output. This means that the potential energy that could suddenly be released, possibly with catastrophic effect, is also much less.

Maintenance Is Essential

We have come a long way with safety as an industry and more emphasis has been placed on the importance of preventative measures such as proper maintenance and engineer supervision.

The most important safety measure for any type of boiler is proper maintenance. We simply cannot stress enough how crucial it is to regularly check and test the safety limits of boilers. Given that the average lifespan of a boiler should be 25 to 30 years, it is important that as a boiler ages, it is properly maintained and monitored so that a new unit can be recommended when the time is right.

Quarterly checks and annual full inspections are best practice even when the boilers are designed like Thermogenics’ boilers are. Remember, all boilers, including the most advanced technology boilers require tune-ups and maintenance. Proper boiler ownership includes a commitment to ongoing service and care.

Ensuring the product we put out into the world is as safe and efficient as it can be is of the utmost importance to me and my team. I am proud to say that I have played an important role in the design of our products. I don’t take this responsibility lightly. My preference, and how I like to train others, is to have people grow with the company so they know it from the ground up. Continual innovation and improvement are in the very DNA of our team and what we do at Thermogenics.

What’s Next: We are currently heading up the design of low NOx burners at Thermogenics. These low NOx burners further our commitment to responsible corporate citizenship by reducing emissions by way of our design.

ABMA Boiler 2022 Conference Highlights

Posted by Ross Garland on October 3, 2022

Our incredible team at Thermogenics has made massive strides in expanding customer reach and awareness, and the ABMA Boiler 2022 Conference in Texas was no exception. Anyone who participates in a tradeshow or conference knows it takes a strong team effort to make an impact.

Thanks to: Paul Ingham, Joe McMullen, Katie Zeppieri, Bill Baird, Dean Johnson, Gary Yown, Cory Yown, Mikeil Germain, and Martina Vincenzi for an extraordinary effort.

Thermogenics has fast become a changemaker for the boiler industry.

Here are a few highlights from the #ABMA #Boiler2022 Conference:

  • Thermogenics spoke at the Modern Technician Panel, and talked about the role of the Modern Technician in today’s steam industry. The resounding feedback from the audience was that our panel was exceptionally current and that the content was very relatable.
  • We were featured on the cover of the April 2022 issue of Today’s Boiler magazine with a Q&A on The Modern Technician from the Thermogenics senior team
  • Post-event we enjoyed a wonderful dinner in Texas with our clients and associates


Posted by Paul Ingham on August 8, 2022

It’s business as usual for Thermogenics and Fulton in Ontario. And, in an effort to better serve our customers, Thermogenics will be intensifying our focus and support for the healthcare, campus & district energy, agricultural and process/manufacturing markets. For school boards and commercial projects such as commercial towers, multi-residential buildings, libraries, and recreational centers we are collaborating with Smith Energy to provide after sales parts and service for hot water applications. We expect strong growth in aftermarket service and design-build support with this new partnership.

#healthcare #universitycampus #districtenergy #agriculture #processmarkets #boilers #ontario

A message from Fulton:

We are excited to announce that Smith Energy, an Enviroair Industries brand, and Thermogenics Inc., are now partnering to promote the sales and support efforts for Fulton Commercial Heating product lines in the Province of Ontario.

Thermogenics will continue to represent Fulton for steam projects across all industries and will now actively represent hydronic projects in the healthcare, campus/district energy, agricultural and process markets, while Smith Energy/Enviroair Industries will provide provincial representation with school boards and commercial projects including commercial towers, multi-residential buildings, libraries, and recreational centers.

This new relationship combines the strengths of two key Fulton representatives in Ontario and will provide an avenue for increased customer service and support.

The Fulton Team


Posted by Paul Ingham on November 12, 2020

High pressure steam generators up to 2850 psig.

Paul Ingham, VP of Sales explains the advantage of the ST Series and why valve shop owner operators in oil and gas choose Thermogenics.

Yown’s Boiler and Furnace Service

Thermogenics acquires Yown’s Boiler and Furnace Service

Posted on May 27, 2020

Partnership further expands Company’s North American service capabilities into US Southeast

CINCINNATI, OHIO, May 27, 2020. Thermogenics, Inc. (“Thermogenics” or the “Company”), a leading manufacturer and service provider of industrial coiled tube steam, hot water, and thermal fluid boilers, has acquired Yown’s Boiler & Furnace Service, Inc. (“Yown’s”) based in Jacksonville, FL.

Founded in 1979, Yown’s is a full-service boiler and industrial process burner company providing sales, service installation and repairs of boilers, pressure vessels, piping systems, and industrial combustion applications. Yown’s has established a strong reputation for delivering exceptional customer service with the support of their valued vendor partners and dedicated field service team.

“Trusted support and reliability are the great differentiators in our industry,” says Joe McMullen, Vice President, US Operations, Thermogenics. “We’ve spent more than 30 years establishing our reputation as an industry leader based on these principles – when we found a partner that shares similar values and commitment to excellence, it was a natural fit.”

For Yown’s customers and vendor partners, this newly formed partnership provides additional product and service offerings that are complementary to Yown’s existing portfolio, creating new opportunities for growth.

“The team at Thermogenics has a proven track record of success and industry outlook that aligns with ours,” says Gary Yown, President of Yown’s. “The Company’s added resources and approach to operational excellence will amplify our efforts – this is a positive outcome for everyone involved and we are excited for this next chapter working alongside our new partner.”

In parallel with this newly formed partnership, Cory Yown will take on an expanded role within the organization. In addition to leading the day-to-day operations of Yown’s, Cory has been appointed Regional General Manager, US Southeast and is responsible for further developing the Company’s regional presence.

“Our customers rely on us to help deliver against their steam and process requirements,” adds Cory Yown. “Partnering with Thermogenics will only enhance our ability to support those needs and allow us to continue executing against what we do best – providing trusted solutions to our clients.”

Yown’s will continue to operate within the industry and serve customers under the Yown’s brand.

About Thermogenics

Thermogenics is a leading North American manufacturer of coiled tube steam, hot water and thermal fluid boilers and related equipment. This product portfolio is primarily used within industrial, commercial and institutional applications serving a variety of end markets including healthcare and hospitals, food and beverage and pharmaceutical. The Company also provides best-in-class parts and 24/7 service support delivered via factory-trained technicians, and manages a fleet of unique rental boilers to serve temporary or emergency needs. With its comprehensive product and service offering, Thermogenics functions as a one-stop shop for all of its customers’ most complex steam and heating requirements. The company operates from its head office in Aurora, ON and maintains sales and service operations in Jacksonville, FL, Chicago, IL, Cincinnati, OH, and Ottawa, ON.


  • Joe McMullen
  • Thermogenics, Inc.
  • Vice President, US Operations
  • 513-528-0500
  • Cory Yown
  • Yown’s Boiler & Furnace Service
  • Regional General Manager, US Southeast
  • 904-786-1645

A Message To Our Customers

Posted by Ross Garland on March 13, 2020

Over the last few days, many of our customers from across North America have contacted us wanting to know if Thermogenics has put in place travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 situation. For the safety of our employees and those of our clients, we have eliminated all unnecessary airline travel to minimize risks.

Our local service technicians will continue to provide full support to all service needs as they arise.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns and check here for future updates.

Thermogenics Ohio Special

Posted by Joe Mcmullen on November 15, 2019

Learn about our Ohio Special -- a 600 HP energy efficient thermocoil boiler with a footprint that is 40-60% smaller than conventional fire-tube boilers.

Thermogenics Innovation

Posted by Bryan Heppell on October 23, 2019

Thermogenics' president Bryan Heppell describes the innovation that goes into Thermogenics' Coil Tube Steam Boilers.

Top 5 Ways to Dramatically Improve Boiler Room Efficiency

Posted by Paul Ingham on June 24, 2019

Thermogenics recently teamed up with the Greening Health Care program to co-author its Best Practices Guide for Energy Efficient Boiler Plant Design, Operation and Control.

Based on examining 15 GHC member hospitals, the study identified several areas of focus for hospital facility managers to improve their overall operations. The following are five key takeaways:

  1. Install an external flue gas economizer and increase efficiency by 3-7%

    This will allow for the extraction of additional heat from the hot flue gases and transfer it to the boiler feedwater or water return. Look for high make-up water applications for maximum results.

  2. Install a ‘Summer Boiler’ to reduce gas consumption and extend the life of the main boiler

    These smaller efficient boilers are sized for the actual summer daytime loads. This is an extension of high turndown ratios for not just the boiler but the system as a whole.

  3. Location, Location, Location

    Traditionally, hospitals set up one central steam plant. However, to maximize efficiency, boilers should be located as close to their respective loads as possible. A combination of hot water and steam plants can help achieve this objective.

  4. Switch to a linkage-less control system to generate efficiencies of 5-15% and payback on investment of less than 2 years

    While most newer boilers have this standard, for older units this retrofit will provide quick and cost effective results.

  5. Retrofit FD Fans

    Forced draft fans are the largest electricity consumers in the boiler plant. To significantly lower electricity consumption, FD fans should be retrofitted with variable frequency drives (VFDs). In addition, VFDs provide precise combustion air volume control. Be sure to investigate energy incentives, particularly on larger fans.

To learn more about these suggestions and the steps you can take immediately to improve your boiler room efficiency please contact us at:

The Valve Testing Challenge

Posted by Joe McMullen on April 8, 2019

As any valve testing shop operator knows, boiler reliability is mission-critical for their business’ health. Due to critical client service contracts, if a boiler goes down at any time, the entire operation is at risk. A reliable boiler is paramount in this fast-paced industry, with many clients expecting 24-hour turnaround on critical valves. That’s why many of the requests we receive from our clients are based on maintaining or repairing boilers ahead of an important shutdown assignment or National Board VR certification.

In our experience, most high-pressure boilers fail because of problems with the ratio between fuel and water flow. Small issues like scaling, pump issues, or improper tuning can lead to big problems if left uncorrected. Extended hours of operation under these conditions can cause the boiler to overheat, create poor steam quality, or ultimately shut down or fail. That’s when our clients rely on us to get their boilers up and running again.

The Fuel to Flow Advantage

This experience and insight inspired Thermogenics’ mechanical engineers to equip our boilers with advanced, one-of-a-kind monitoring systems that control the fuel to water ratio into the boiler.

Our advanced monitoring systems precisely control the amount of water released into the boiler’s coils, and carefully matches the boiler’s firing rate to the controlled volume of water. This unique control system delivers a precise and repeatable proportional profile of proper evaporation rates. It also produces high-quality steam.

Constant temperature monitoring of the tube outlets and steam temperature ensure the tubes are not entering a superheated condition.

For valve testing shop boilers, our control systems help minimize or eliminate downtime and service calls. It ensures that mission-critical tasks, like valve testing in a moments notice are achievable.

To learn more about high-pressure steam boiler maintenance and about the Thermogenics boiler advantage, please contact us at:

Boiler Audit

Proper service and maintenance of your boiler will help prevent breakdowns. Complete this Boiler Audit to help determine your next service call:

  • Is the equipment producing poor quality or “wet steam”? That may indicate a mismatched fuel/water ratio and could lead to equipment damage.
  • Is there a potential issue with scale build-up? If you are using “hard water”, or you aren’t confident about the boiler water’s purity, there may be calcium scaling in your boiler which can cause premature tube failures.
  • Has the steam system’s heat up time changed? Is the steam pressure low or slow to build in the accumulators? These may be signs of issues or improper set-up.

If any of these are true, contact us today about scheduling a call or consultation.

Batch Processing Innovation

Posted by Dean Johnson on January 9, 2019

Due to their unique design, Thermocoil boilers have an industry-leading 10-1 turndown ratio. They can shift from full heat to low heat quickly, even automatically, without a full shutdown.

Read the full article

Thermogenics announces new Chicago office

Posted by Jeff Fredericks on October 30, 2018

Midwest expansion to serve growing demand for Company’s high efficiency coiled tube steam boilers and strong service capabilities

Chicago, Illinois October 30 2018. Thermogenics, Inc. (“Thermogenics” or the “Company”), a leading manufacturer and service provider of industrial coiled tube steam, hot water, and thermal fluid boilers, announced the opening of its new Chicago office today to serve the growing demand for both their high efficiency equipment and service capabilities.

The Chicago office expands the Company’s existing U.S. presence in Cincinnati, Ohio, where they have been supporting customers since 2010, and helps better serve the Food & Beverage, Institutional, and Manufacturing markets in the Midwest.

Thermogenics also announced the addition of John Jackson, a seasoned electro-mechanical specialist with more than 20 years experience servicing a wide range of boiler and related equipment. Jackson will be leading new business development, as well as serving the Company’s existing customer accounts.

“Many of today’s commercial and industrial operations are looking for more energy efficient and cost effective ways of providing steam for their production and heating needs,” said Ross Garland, CEO, Thermogenics. “Our new Chicago office will help raise awareness of our reputation as a leading manufacturer of high quality boilers and as an experienced service provider for coiled tube boilers, burners, and controls”.

About Thermogenics

Thermogenics is a leading manufacturer of coiled tube steam, hot water and thermal fluid boilers and related equipment. The product portfolio is primarily used for industrial, commercial and institutional applications across North America. The Company also provides complimentary parts and 24/7 service support via factory-trained technicians and manages a fleet of unique rental equipment to serve temporary requirements. In addition to its new Chicago office, the Company has offices in Cincinnati, Ohio and Ontario, Canada.


Joe McMullen
Thermogenics Corp.
National Sales & Service Manager

Paul Ingham
Thermogenics Inc.
Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Thermogenics - A Brief History

Posted by Bryan Heppell on October 10, 2018

I was recently asked to share the history of Thermogenics – a simple enough task given that I’ve been with the Company for more than 30 years. As I started recounting some of the milestones, I was reminded that our Company’s history is truly a great story and something I’m very proud to be a part of.

Early Days of Coil Tube

Back in the early 1970’s, building large-scale steam boilers had one major challenge – once manufactured, the equipment required constant attendance while operating. As such, each boiler was legally required to have an operating engineer physically present to monitor the boiler. This was a risk mitigation strategy to ensure the building and other staff were protected from the possibility of any catastrophic boiler failure(s) however, occupied a skilled resource whose time could have otherwise been spent more effectively elsewhere in the operations.

A solution to this challenge came in the form of new, low volume, coil-tube boilers which, by definition, held less water content and had a much smaller footprint. These specific features, amongst others, were communicated by the original founder of Thermogenics during a successful case presentation to government officials. The thesis was that coil-tube boilers were indeed safe enough on their stand-alone basis of design and therefore, do not require constant monitoring by operating engineers.

In fact, regulatory agency tests later revealed just how little water was in a Thermocoil, showing that the operating water content for the boilers was actually lower than the published amount of 40 Imperial gallons. For example, the 350HP Thermocoil boiler only required 26.6 gallons of operating water content, a small fraction of what the older design, pre-coil conventional boilers required.

New & Improved Product – Introducing the Thermocoil

Thermogenics as a Company was originally established in 1975 as a customer-first, service-based business that provided maintenance and repair services for the growing installed base of coil-tube boilers. In 1980 however, the Company was convinced they could also manufacture a high quality boiler product of their own. The Company envisioned a more efficient boiler with a smaller footprint and a product that required less service calls; this resulted in the development of the Company’s first "Thermocoil" design.

In September of 1982, Thermogenics shipped the first new Thermocoil boilers to a rubber manufacturer, a leading supplier of NHL hockey pucks. That shipment began a new chapter in Thermogenics’ story and the Company officially bolstered its boiler service business to include boiler design, manufacture and sale. The appetite for coil-tube boilers continued to grow, as more commercial institutions looked to Thermogenics for reliable, high-quality boilers that also presented opportunity to re-assign skilled operating engineers elsewhere in the plant operations.

Thermocoil boilers proved to be very reliable from their first designs. In fact, that first Thermocoil boiler is still in operation today. We installed the boiler here in Toronto where it produced steam for 20 years at a rubber manufacturing facility before being sold as used equipment to a company in the UK where it now operates in a steel mill – we learned that Thermocoil’s have a strong shelf life and travel well!

First Contracts, Design Excellence

The rubber manufacturer’s application, amongst a number of other boiler projects, provided proof of concept and set the Company up well to be successful in bidding on and designing solutions for some higher profile customers in the early 1980s.

Specifically, in 1984, Thermogenics expanded its operations with a major contract award. The Canadian Navy commissioned the Company in a joint, design-build venture with a UK-based manufacturer – the mandate was to build a large number of boilers to outfit their new frigate program.

This notable milestone was followed by another major contract to re-build and service VIA Rail’s steam generators. For context, in the days of steam locomotives, VIA used excess steam to heat their trains’ passenger cars. After switching to diesel locomotives, VIA built dedicated steam cars housed with boiler equipment to heat the passenger cars. The contract secured by Thermogenics was to overhaul and repair all of VIA’s steam equipment on its trains.

Both projects were big wins for the Company.

Growing Demand, Joining Thermogenics

These major contracts ushered in an era of rapid expansion for Thermogenics. In 1987, the Company built a new, dedicated facility in Aurora, Ontario, Canada running 24/7 to support the VIA contract along with additional equipment orders.

This was also the time when I joined Thermogenics.

In 1988, I was the OEM sales representative for an industry-leading boiler pump company but found myself looking for a new challenge. At the time, I was regularly selling pumps to Thermogenics and as such, had the opportunity to witness, first hand, some of this aforementioned business expansion and customer growth. The Company seemed to be offering exactly what I’d been looking for and as such, I joined their growing team and never looked back.

Business Acquisitions and US Expansion

Soon after, in 1993, Thermogenics ended up acquiring my former employer’s pump business. With this acquisition and the development the Company’s our own deaerator, Thermogenics was now officially a one-stop-shop to supply everything required in the boiler room.

In 1996, Thermogenics shifted focus onto an additional acquisition only this time, a larger, Quebec-based boiler company. Integrating and operating this newly acquired business ended up creating challenges for Thermogenics and our leadership team. The Company had just absorbed a large, new boiler company in a different jurisdiction with its own operating priorities and different customer clientele – we had our hands full for a period of time!

Around this same period, our customer VIA had transitioned to electric heat which caused the existing contract to end. To offset this loss, Thermogenics set sights on growing its customer base in the United States. This was achieved primarily by following our Canadian customers as they expanded south of the border and supporting requests for Thermogenics equipment at their US-based facilities. We responded to this need and, since 1996, have consistently grown our North American installed base.

New Beginnings

In 2002, a partner and I successfully acquired the Company from the existing owner. We (and our customers) were confident in the skill of Thermogenics’ people and the quality of Thermogenics’ equipment. Our goal was to see Thermogenics reach its true potential by creating a newly re-focused Company, serving both US and Canadian markets directly.

We got to work almost immediately and were rewarded for our efforts. New customers, orders and contracts were flowing, especially in the US market. For example, in 2004, we secured a large hospital contract in the state of Ohio to replace 14 existing boilers with 4 high-quality Thermogenics boilers. This new equipment would significantly reduce the footprint required in the mechanical room and further, drastically reduce maintenance costs with the steam efficiency of the boilers – the features of the Thermocoil were proving to be attractive across a variety of applications.

Portable Steam

In the late 2000s, Thermogenics continued its R&D efforts and developed a unique, one-of-a-kind rental steam boiler solution. Due to the smaller footprint of Thermogenics’ equipment, we were able to fit a 500HP Thermocoil boiler into a standard shipping container, rentable for any purpose where customers might need temporary steam or hot water (e.g. plant shutdowns, boiler backups).

In 2012, we took another step forward using the concept from the rental units and developed a new design of Thermocoil boilers, custom-made for these containerized applications. We ended up supplying several of these units to the power generation industry and continue to support that market today.

Global Contracts

As Thermogenics continued expansion into the U.S. – this time with the sale of 15+ 600HP boilers to University campuses – the Company was working in parallel to expand its global reach outside of North America. In 2009, Thermogenics was successfully contracted to produce a pair of 50 million BTU/hr 2,850psi boilers for an energy project in South America. Not without some complicated shipping logistics, the boilers were eventually prepared for ocean travel on a barge before arriving at the customer site. This was a successful project for the Company and proved Thermogenics was able to service complex, international boiler requirements.

Valve-Testing – Continuing the Tradition of a Solutions-Based Approach

Thermogenics’ reputation was growing, particularly in the U.S. energy belt, and as such, service requests began to originate from valve testing facilities. Valve test companies use specialized steam boilers to provide valve fleet testing services to the Oil & Gas sector and play a key role in quality assurance and compliance. The industry needs to maintain its equipment at a high standard and as such, it was a perfect fit for Thermogenics’ skilled, factory-trained service technicians to service these specialized boilers.

Today, for valve test operations (and for all our customers), we continue the practice of focusing on our customers’ operational objectives. We can repair or maintain an existing boiler, provide an interim rental solution, or build a new, coil-tube boiler to suit specific needs. For us, it’s more about delivering the right solution for the customer’s operations and budget, which is much easier to do when you can “cover all the bases”. Our full portfolio of boiler equipment, parts and service solutions position Thermogenics well to fulfill any steam, hot water or thermal fluid requirements our customers may have.

New Partnership

The continued development of the Company and our successful efforts to renew focus on Thermogenics’ core business prompted some preliminary succession planning to ensure the Company was well positioned to continue its growth in the future. In 2015, we began to seek new partners for the business.

Due to Thermogenics’ industry-leading reputation and recent successes, numerous interested parties presented themselves and in 2016, Ironbridge Equity Partners became part of the Thermogenics family.

Today, we operate under a culture of continuous improvement and remain focused on delivering the highest quality offerings (across all business lines) to our customers. All of this, while growing and developing our team in pursuit of a strategy to expand both our boiler equipment and service business in North America.

Bryan Heppell

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